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  1. Neil Maley

    Where should we begin?

    You need travel insurance for this. Did you purchase it or does the credit card you used provide any? Did you book directly through the cruise line?
  2. Neil Maley


    That link is not to the actual policy. We need the entire policy to be able to read the details. If I click on cancellation policy on their website, it tells me OOPS, the page is not available.
  3. Neil Maley


    Give them a couple of weeks and then follow up. Have you heard from the ELLIOTT advocates yet about your case, since you say they are working on it?
  4. Neil Maley

    Roam Right Travel Insurance

    They are more commonly known as Cancel for Any Reason policies, are expensive and don’t reimburse you 100%. To the OP- you were insured from the day you bought the policy. If you fell and broke your leg and had to cancel- the insurance would have covered you. Pandemics are usually not covered...
  5. Neil Maley

    Closing an account with Chase Bank

    Do you have a branch you can go into? All they need to do is refund the fees and block the account to close so no new fees apply.
  6. Neil Maley


    Please read #7 - while it addresses VRBO, the same goes for any of these rental companies that have no Corona Virus waivers.
  7. Neil Maley

    Insurance Premium

    They are giving discounts, not refunds. But you also buy homeowners insurance and don’t get refunds If you have no claim. This is how insurance works. But definitely check with the insurance company and see if they are offering a credit. Please see #2 in this story...
  8. Neil Maley

    Insurance Premium

    Insurance starts the day you buy the policy. You have been insured for illness, death in the immediate family and more up to now. If you have car insurance, do you ask for a refund if you don’t have an accident? If the agent sold you the policy, ask if the policy can be transferred to your...
  9. Neil Maley

    Defective Kitchen Cabinets

    Why isn’t the builder reinstalling these for you? They bought the subpar cabinets- won’t they install the replacements?
  10. Neil Maley

    Priceline gave me an Express Deal Car Voucher that is Impossible to Use

    If you look our company contacts tab (on top or side of our site depending on what you are using to access) , you’ll find the contacts for Priceline under Online Travel Agencies. This is how to write...
  11. Neil Maley

    Abbreviated study in Australia due to COVID pandemic

    The reason they charged you was because a last minute walk up ticket costs much more than what you paid for your original ticket and especially when this started and people were trying to get home in an emergency. One way tickets are almost always more than a round trip ticket. It’s not...
  12. Neil Maley

    Consumer Cellular

    Ask them for a supervisor review of your case. Can you call and discuss the case with them? Not sure if they are answering phones.
  13. Neil Maley

    Priceline gave me an Express Deal Car Voucher that is Impossible to Use

    Why can’t you use the voucher on a non express deal? Does t it give you a dollar value for a credit? When you book in your own you need to be very careful of what you are doing. Nonrefundable and Express deals aren’t often just that.
  14. Neil Maley

    Frontier Keeps Changing My Itinerary

    No you don’t have to accept. Those are major changes. You can tell them to cancel and refund.
  15. Neil Maley

    Samsung lost info

    Did you take it to a local store to see if they could help you?
  16. Neil Maley

    LOT Polish Airlines not responding to refund requests

    You might have an issue because you should be paying the penalty for canceling on the nonrefundable but if you aren’t getting any response from LOT it might be the only way to get the money back for the refundable ticket.
  17. Neil Maley

    LOT Polish Airlines not responding to refund requests

    The travel industry is taking a very long time to make Refunds because they simply don’t have the cash for refunds all at once. Contact your credit card company.
  18. Neil Maley

    No Refund

    Unfortunately if the tickets were canceled before the airline canceled the flights, they are not eligible for refunds. We have a story about this, please read #5
  19. Neil Maley

    Moving Company Scam

    What you can do is file a BBB complaint and post on Yelp and any other review sites for moving companies that you can find. Folks should check the BBB for reviews of companies before ever hiring a mover.
  20. Neil Maley


    Justlisa is correct. This article explains it.