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    Death in the Family-Change Names

    I know that sometimes one can save money by using third-party booking sites, but more times than not it causes more trouble than it is worth, especially when a situation arises, such as yours.
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    Expedia confirmed the cancellation of my hotels and one day later I heard my hotel cancellation was denied.

    Don't send an email. It is easy for them to say they did not receive it. Write a letter and sent it via snail mail. Take it to the post office and sent it "return receipt requested". That way, they cannot say they did not receive it, as it has to be signed upon receipt.
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    Most reputable travel insurance company?

    Neil, Thanks for the information. Shirley
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    Most reputable travel insurance company?

    Neil,, We have been traveling overseas since 2004. I have checked Allianz, TravelGuard, and Travelex. I might be mistaken, but to the best of my memory: Allianz requires you to pay a claim upfront and then reimburses you. TravelGuard requires you to insure your trip from the day you leave...
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    American Airline

    Deborah, AA is known for things like that. I had a situation with AA a few years ago regarding an overcharge on checked baggage. At ORD, the AA supervisor gave me the card of Greg Clark, Managing Director of Customer Relations. There was an email and a fax number, but no phone number. They...
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    Maximum luggage size

    Backpacks should also be able to fit in the form for carryons'
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    American Airlines Customer Relations need help

    The solution to this entire problem is upon arriving at the gate to politely ask the gate attendant if you can preboard. I always do this and have never been refused. I, also, put meds, jewelry, and whatever else I do not want to chance losing in my carryon. It is not worth the risk of having to...
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    Booked through Trivago and Sent to Travel-Up

    I never use an OTA. I usually book directly through the hotel and use a brick-and-mortar TA for cruises, etc. I booked a long weekend directly through the Westin in Downtown Phoenix. I then decided I wanted to upgrade our room, which was done with no problem. When I called to upgrade it, the...
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    Maximum luggage size

    I also have an aisle seat! But if I ever got smacked with a backpack, I would smack it back, just hard enough to the wearer would realize it.
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    Maximum luggage size

    Of course. Some things like HUGE backpacks need to be measured prior to boarding. I am just waiting to be he in the head by one of those backpacks when the wearer turns around. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen!
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    Maximum luggage size

    John, not all are recessed, and you can't pack anything in the wheels, unfortunately. Your idea of charging for carry-ons and allow free checked bags is interesting. I think, however, that more people would check more bags, causing a weight problem.
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    Travelocity scams small airport customers

    Neil, I don't thin I lived in Tucson for many years and flew out of there to several domestic and international airports. I always booked through the airlines directly and never was charged a fee.
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    Maximum luggage size

    22x14x9 is the most standard size. Chris’ website has the allowable size for every airline. The wheels should not be included, but they are. You can’t pack in the wheels!
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    Having a TSA when having a disability

    I definitely agree with Lori Ann. Being polite comes back to you. Usually only knee and hip replacents set off the metal detector because they are more dense than titanium plates and screws in other places in your body. I speak from experience on that.
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    Having a TSA when having a disability

    I have flown many times & being a cancer survivor, I refuse the body scanners. I also have Global Entry and TSA Prechevt. If I set off the metal detector, I ask for a pat down. Some airports no longer have metal detectors , and you have a choice between a body scanner and a pat down. They...
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    Airfares to Europe in July-August / Online search vs Travel Agent (not Expedia/Travelocity etc. but an actual agent)

    I suggest you find a good, reputable brick-and-mortar travel agent and let him/her do the work. I have one that I highly recommend. I would never try to book a multi-stop flight myself. I may pay a little more, but my time & sanity have value too. I you use a TA loyally, he/she will always do...
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    Iceland Air

    I agree with Neil, that if you write a polite letter to the Executives of Icelandair you have a chance of finding someone with enough compassion to refund your fare. If you don't get a response the first time, go up the chain. Do not give up. Perisitance and perservence and politeness usually...
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    Traveling with toddler, forced to board last, forced to check only carry-on when there was an empty overhead bin.

    I have discovered that if you ask the gate agent nicely if you can pre-board and give them a specific reason, they usually let you. My husband and I have trouble walking and do not want to slow down the boarding process, so I always ask nicely and explain the situation. I have never been refused.
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    Maximum luggage size has the allowable sizes of carry-on luggage, and they vary from airline to airline. In addition, not all of those frames into which you can be asked to insert your carry-on are the same. They vary from airport/airline, and are not all the same configuration. Some are just a...
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    Maximum luggage size