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    Misstreatment by Ryan Air Car Rental

    |Your situation is no different than someone who shows up at check-in for an international flight without a valid current passport. An expired passport with some other paperwork will not be accepted. You will not be allowed to board and your fare will not be refunded unless you purchased a fully...
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    Kiwi 24 cancellation policy really means no refunds for 30 days, if ever

    KIWI is not an airline--it is a booking site.
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    Marriott overbooks and strands travelers

    Overbooking hotel rooms (esp. in a city) and airline flights is NORMAL business practice. Hotels and airlines have statistics telling them how many "confirmed" bookings will cancel at the last minute or no-show. To keep the rooms and seats full, they calculate how many overbookings to allow. If...
  4. W literally put my life in danger with a fraudulent booking

    Your posts are not able to be read or understood. Are you using your phone with voice recognition? I cannot comprehend what happened to you, why it happened and what resolution you wish. You appear to have traveled without the resources to do so. can't fix that problem.
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    Sharing frequent traveler miles

    Their justification is because they make the rules and can get away with this, the same as with seat selection fees, baggage fees, ticket change fees etc. etc. It is a source of revenue.
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    Sharing frequent traveler miles

    Rather than giving the miles, simply buy an airplane ticket for them.
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    Fox rent a car

    All FOXpress/Fox Pay Now reservations are non-refundable
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    VRBO home owner gets fraudulent chargeback from customer

    "A customer, who was traveling with others, made a reservation with me on May 1, for 9 days, May 19 - 27. VRBO accepted her first half payment by VISA credit card on May 1." This is about VRBO--are they the same?
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    Brake System Factory Rejects on Ford F150 Trucks

    The parts did not "fail"; they wore out prematurely. Brake pads, rotors, wiper blades, and tires are all parts that wear. They are not warranteed (except for some tires) for a specific mileage. Without having the removed parts, a claim of defective parts is not likely to be successful. Some...
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    Norwegian Air flight cancelled and then reinstated

    That is what the airline said, but they (all airlines) are notorious for fudging reasons for the delay so they are not responsible for hotels/food etc. Also, given the Norwegian 787 engine issues, a smaller carrier with planes out of service will have a cascading problem, including difficulties...
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    Brake System Factory Rejects on Ford F150 Trucks

    The best relief is to avoid this dealer for any service or repair that is not under warranty
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    Norwegian Air flight cancelled and then reinstated

    There are other issues with 787 engine replacements too.
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    Norwegian Air flight cancelled and then reinstated
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    Brake System Factory Rejects on Ford F150 Trucks

    Also, if you are inclined to do so, replacing brakes pads is an easy do-it-yourself job (youtube videos abound). It is a simple afternoon project. Often you need to change only the front (usually) at one time, and the rear pads later. Your local garage can tell you the wear on front vs rear and...
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    Brake System Factory Rejects on Ford F150 Trucks

    Unless there are other brake system issues, a master cylinder problem should not lead to premature pad/disc wear, unless the truck had been using the front OR rear brakes only, an unlikely scenario.
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    Brake System Factory Rejects on Ford F150 Trucks

    Dealers routinely tell customers that the rotors need replacing when the pads are replaced even when the rotors are still within specs. Your rotors might have needed lathe turning ($15-25 each) based on the shuddering you noted, but unlikely that they needed replacement. The pads "might" have...
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    Brake System Factory Rejects on Ford F150 Trucks

    Replacing brakes on a car/truck with 20,000 miles IS NOT normal wear and tear. Brakes wear when driven, not over time. There are other components on motor vehicles that are time-dependent; -brakes are not one of them.
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    Brake System Factory Rejects on Ford F150 Trucks

    Before replacing anything, get the truck checked by an independent service shop. Brakes should NOT need replacement after 20000 miles of regular non-towing use. This smells of a dealer trying to pull a fast one. Modern disc brake pads/rotors typically last 50,000+ miles unless used on...
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    Death in the Family-Change Names

    "My wife and I had planned a trip where we were going to treat my parents to a trip to Rome in November and things were booking up so we paid for the trip in April on Expedia and we got the travel insurance. "
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    Airfares to Europe in July-August / Online search vs Travel Agent (not Expedia/Travelocity etc. but an actual agent)

    You can also look at Boston->Prague, which appears to be slightly under $1000 in July/August with good connections.