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  1. mmb

    NY Rental. Hot water stops in building.

    If it makes you feel any better- our own Christopher Elliott said he is done with Airbnb as well: I read that he will continue to use Airbnb but be more judicious when choosing a rental. ‘Will I rent from Airbnb again...
  2. mmb

    Not another Amazon gift card problem

    @BrianCWA - except, Brian. you don’t actually know who paid for the gift cards. Suppose a marketing company ‘Stole’ financial information from someone else to buy the cards. Then they proceed to use the cards to pay you and others. By the time the theft was discovered by the person/entity...
  3. mmb

    Death in the Family-Change Names

    Well, OMG, they can change names on tickets, after assuring us all for years that it simply cannot be done. Well, bless their little hearts.
  4. mmb

    Lowe's Horror Story

    My husband had an issue with manager at our local Lowe’s and used the website page to ‘Contact’ them and got a speeedy resolution.
  5. mmb

    Reimbursement for rental car shared with 4 other passengers after Lufthansa cancelled flight

    Well still wondering. If they the five never cancelled their flight, then the airline did indeed book them on next available flight and so they were no-show? Still wondering if the five needed to cancel or could just go about their business and expect a refund.
  6. mmb

    Reimbursement for rental car shared with 4 other passengers after Lufthansa cancelled flight

    @jsstravel — did you and/or the four others actually cancel your tickets or just leave? Since the flight did indeed leave that day, if you did not cancel then you are probably marked as a no-show and have lost any unused ticket value. Unfortunately, when one becomes focused on solving a travel...
  7. mmb

    Maximum luggage size

    I also sit in aisle seats and mostly preboard. I lean away from the aisle and keep a close eye in incoming passengers. I have been known to raise my arms and yell if one starts to turn and smack me with their obnoxious backpack. Some of them really overstuff those things. They can get really...
  8. mmb

    Unchecked Carryon Lost on Baggage Drop Off Belt

    Just a side story. I was on RTD@Union Station in Denver last week, waiting for train to depart for DIA. A woman wrestled a very large suitcase onto the train and into the baggage hold area and then exited the train to buy her ticket. As she was using the machine, the train doors closed and...
  9. mmb

    Need help! Tampered Home Depot gift card from Fred Meyer

    This whole scenario confuses me. What is the purpose of going to store#1 ( Fred Meyer?) to purchase a gift card for store#2 (Home Depot]? You then hold that gift card, for some amount of time and then attempt to use it, and find out it’s worthless. Seems like a lot of extraneous steps that lead...
  10. mmb

    What is the responsibility of the airline and its partners — ticket agent companies — to ensure that customers know exactly what kind of ticket they a

    Unfortunately, there is no ‘agent’ in ‘online travel agent.’ That is a misnomer. It should be called online ticket seller.
  11. mmb

    Icelandair: Refund for medical reasons

    @visionatsea -I’m so sorry to hear of your wife’s diagnosis. I was diagnosed with a life-altering medical condition last year. It’s a good thing I had health insurance as the costs of treatments has been very high. I’m curious as to why you thought there was no reason to buy travel insurance...
  12. mmb

    Beltmann Movers / North American Van Lines - Denied Claim

    If you have a commissioner of insurance in your state, that might be a more direct approach. Years ago a mover changed his mind about me owing him more money /after the move had been complete, but before my items came out of storage for delivery / when I mentioned contacting the FL Insurance...
  13. mmb

    Maximum luggage size

    Yes @Lori Ann, we still have our large bags for cruising, when driving to to the port.
  14. mmb

    Sandals Ochi Rios

    From my perspective, if it was so awful, why would you even want to go back let alone stay an extra day? It would seem like you could find another vacation much better suited to your needs. In that regard, I would deem your request as just trying to get some extra days out of them. ‘The...
  15. mmb

    Nelnet - Delaying processing of 2nd disability forgiveness application (after reinstatement) pending reinstatement

    Dear Cool — please do not get angry with your wife for returning to work. As one recovering from a major illness, I can say that one just wants life to return to normal, and sometimes we makes mistakes and overdo it when trying to have a life. Government agencies are particularly egregious to...
  16. mmb

    Chase Credit Card - Dispute Department versus Fraud Department

    I understand what everyone is saying, but I’m confused about the timeline. If the OP only walked five feet away, and was called back, I doubt that there was even time for the cashier to ring up a new order and process the card a second time. That makes the whole scenario suggested quite...
  17. mmb

    How can I get a refund for a cruise in 9 days

    I’m thinking that @Lesliehyde just doesn’t have the ‘sromach’ or enthusiasm to go again. Totally understandable, but, unfortunately, not refundable. Leslie- I suggest you use mind over matter and go and have fun.
  18. mmb

    Where to keep passport when traveling

    I use a very small crossbody bag and keep it inside a coat or jacket. I only put $, passport, valuable items in it and take care when opening it or exposing it to others. I carry my lipstick, tissue and a Tylenol in my pockets.
  19. mmb

    Change Fees

    I guess the routes in/out of FL are popular as the seats ARE full. Besides SW doesn’t sell their seats 2x and seem to be doing ok in the market. oops, said before I was done but just can’t help myself.
  20. mmb

    Change Fees

    Ok then payment for a service they didn’t provide and then sold again. SW Airlines pretty much proves that changing your flight doesn’t cost them much, if anything, as it can be done easily online by the pax. I would stipulate that the airline should charge if you need their help to change the...