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  1. jsn55

    Marriott Brussels Center: reception staff into a taxi fraud combine?

    This happens all the time; most recently to me in England. 25 pounds out to Hampton Court from Heathrow, 55 pounds back. Both trips in the middle of the day, same luggage, took about the same amount of time. I told the second guy I'd pay him 25 pounds and he quickly backed down. I booked the...
  2. jsn55

    Airbnb/services not rendered will not refund giftcard

    Jane, I would suggest a cover letter with a list of the specific facts. These cases need precise details of what happened. If the reader of your email doesn't understand it, it will get set aside or deleted. It's often helpful to have someone unfamiliar with your problem read your list and...
  3. jsn55 business practices

    Don't book travel through an entity with "cheap" in its name. There's a reason it's cheap.
  4. jsn55

    Hertz is scamming me

    You are so right, it happens often and getting to be ridiculous. Rental car companies are taking their cue from airlines and hotels and adding millions to their bottom line with charges like this. Neil has laid it all out for you. I want to remind you that your communications with Hertz need...
  5. jsn55

    Travel Issues while 28 weeks pregnant

    This was a most uncomfortable ordeal, Kelli. With those layers of delays, I'm not surprised that you were unable to retrieve your bag at O'Hare. The cascade effect of cancellations is really tough on travellers. I'm glad to hear you were able to find a hotel. We unfortunately get posts...
  6. jsn55

    Update to Uninhabitable HomeAway Rental-Capital One Visa NO HELP

    I'm glad you've already started contacting the execs via email; Capital One customer service sounds like a bunch of doofi (is that the plural of doofus?). I can't believe they'd deny your claim when it was backed up with photos. It's quite outrageous. I would recommend talking on the phone to...
  7. jsn55

    Expedia confirmed the cancellation of my hotels and one day later I heard my hotel cancellation was denied.

    Well, that's a relief. I couldn't agree more with all the above. I missed the word "snail" in your post. Even if people don't use a computer, it's not difficult for them to find someone who will help them send an email. Thanks for this.
  8. jsn55


    This is easy, but annoying, Lorraine. All rental agencies have been up to this false damage claim baloney for a couple of years. Read our information on how to deal with an issue like this. They'll back down, but it may take several rounds of emails. Good luck and please let us know the outcome.
  9. jsn55

    CenturyLink Billing Dispute

    Well done, Nate! So happy we were able to give you some guidance. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. jsn55


    You conveyed the facts accurately. I had no trouble understanding exactly what the situation was. None of this would have happened if you had prepared your nephew with the information he needed. Even if he had shown up at the wrong Holiday Inn, they could have quickly found the desired...
  11. jsn55

    Expedia confirmed the cancellation of my hotels and one day later I heard my hotel cancellation was denied.

    Michelle, that is just chilling information. I would hope that an organization could compile and publish a list of companies who refuse to communicate with their customers. What a horrid way to do business.
  12. jsn55

    Kiwi 24 cancellation policy really means no refunds for 30 days, if ever

    ADVOCATE ADVICE I've noticed that websites (esp for "the cheapest" travel) frequently roll you over to a different website with no notification. When you find yourself in this situation, have a look at the website address that you're using ... if it's not the one you think you're on, don't...
  13. jsn55

    Marriott overbooks and strands travelers

    I always check in with Hilton 24 hours before I arrive, it's a perk with HHonors. I cannot see how a hotel can give away your room if you've already checked in. That room should not show as available at all. But, then, I don't see how a hotel can give away your guaranteed room either.
  14. jsn55

    Carrying on about my carry-on!

    Super! Please let us know what happens.
  15. jsn55


    I didn't explain my "they're all connected" remark very well. No, the hotels can't see each other's details, but if he had just beamed up IHG's website and put in the confirmation number, he would have instantly known what was going on. The agent he was dealing with should have done this...
  16. jsn55

    Carrying on about my carry-on!

    If your carryon had no baggage tag and no ID with your itinerary, how could the airline put it on the next flight or forward it? Alitalia is not being difficult here, you are expecting them to perform a task that they cannot. This is no personal vendetta against you. The only course of action...
  17. jsn55


    This is definitely one of the reasons to book direct with the hotel. You were misinformed, all the Holiday Inn whatevers are linked by the same res system. Many are franchises, but they're all connected. A quick online check of IHG would have given him all the information he needed. The very...
  18. jsn55

    Help me find the right travel insurance

    I use a broker in Omaha, Travel Insurance Center. I have found them very helpful in helping me pick the right coverages and of course they answer all my questions.
  19. jsn55

    Carrying on about my carry-on!

    This is awful, but Alitalia is responsible for your checked bags only. They can't do much else other than let you come pick it up. There are so many ramifications to their doing anything else ... the unknown contents, the liability, the customs ... a courier company is set up to handle all...
  20. jsn55

    Bereavement cancellation

    Why was no credit toward a future flight offered?