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  1. Neil Maley

    Code Share - Mutual Responsibility or Mutual Deniability

    The insurance doesn’t cover you making a mistake when booking unfortunately. There is a list of covered reasons and mistakes aren’t among them. If you are flying to or from a US airport you had 24 hours to get the ticket fixed, unfortunately. You can’t use the excuse that you didn’t...
  2. Neil Maley

    Misstreatment by Ryan Air Car Rental

    Are you located in the US?
  3. Neil Maley

    Marriott Brussels Center: reception staff into a taxi fraud combine?

    John, we have company contacts on top of our page. I urge you to report this to Marriott Executives. Read the information under our Company Contacts and start a letter writing campaign. This is something they need to be aware of. Let us know what happens.
  4. Neil Maley business practices

    They can’t do that. They are refunding the taxes which they legally have to do. They can’t take out their fees from that. Another lesson that learn about booking with an OTA and reading what you are buying. You cannot assume buying insurance allows you to simply cancel your trip- there are...
  5. Neil Maley

    Airbnb/services not rendered will not refund giftcard

    Just to clarify- you actually had a reservation on Airbnb that you had applied the gift cards to and they canceled it and closed your account? I’m a little confused because you had a reservation number that was canceled. We have company contacts for Airbnb. Read the information in our...
  6. Neil Maley

    Travel Issues while 28 weeks pregnant

    We’re you booked on one ticket if multiple tickets? Usually if the flights are ine one PNR and the first flight was delayed for something the airline could control, they would put you up in hotel for the night. If you are on separate tickets different story. If the delays were due to...
  7. Neil Maley

    Kiwi 24 cancellation policy really means no refunds for 30 days, if ever

    “Also there was a disclaimer that only US inbound and outbound flights could be refunded.” If it was an international ticket it’s not eligible for a refund according to Kiwis terms. A dispute would be considered friendly fraud if she didn’t read the terms of the website before booking.
  8. Neil Maley business practices

    If you didn’t cancel your flight for a valid covered reason, the insurance doesn’t cover the cancellation. That means you cancel due to illness, death in the family, etc. I assume you never read the policy to see what was and wasn’t covered. This is what the insurance says: “You can cancel or...
  9. Neil Maley

    Hertz is scamming me

    That’s why you need to use our company contacts and start dealing with the corporate offices. They have much more power to get these dismissed than the local office.
  10. Neil Maley

    Hertz is scamming me

    Glad you came here because we have had a lot of success with these type of claims if you follow our process. Read this: You stated very well that the car smelled of smoke when you got into it and that you do not...
  11. Neil Maley

    Banned by Uber

    Did you skip Daniel? Primary Contact Daniel Graf Vice President and Head of Produc Uber 1455 Market St 4th Fl San Francisco, CA 94103 If it’s been a week since you wrote to Rachel- move up to Jill and give her the name of the Executives you have emailed with no response and ask...
  12. Neil Maley


    So what would you like from us? Is your posting just to warn others what can happen with hotels with similar names?
  13. Neil Maley

    CenturyLink Billing Dispute

    It’s a shame they try to intimidate you - glad our contacts.
  14. Neil Maley literally put my life in danger with a fraudulent booking

    “I am going to thank you all kindly for your responses and then I'm going to leave this for forum “ Since the writer says she is not coming back, I’m going to close this to further replies because there is nothing else posted that’s new. Royaljewels if you do decide to come back and want to...
  15. Neil Maley


    This wouldn’t have happened if he either had a printed copy of the reservation or an emailed copy to show the clerk. The clerk has access to the reservations at their own hotel, not any others. There are many many hotels with similar names near airports and this is not unusual. What is...
  16. Neil Maley literally put my life in danger with a fraudulent booking

    Most hotels now have signs at check in about the perils of using a debit card because they place a hold on the card at check in that might not drop before they put the actual charge through at check out. However, the key is whether there is actual credit on any of those cards. You still need...
  17. Neil Maley


    If he didn’t have a copy of the res. maybe he didn’t have a copy of confirmation number either.
  18. Neil Maley

    Priceline says 'credit card error' instead of flight not available

    You should absolutely write to Priceline Executives about this.
  19. Neil Maley

    Kiwi 24 cancellation policy really means no refunds for 30 days, if ever

    Good catch. But Kiwi isn’t being truthful. The law applies to international flights departing from the US as well if canceled within 24 hours of booking and you are not flying within 7 days from the day you booked. This is where not booking direct hurts you - travel agencies don’t have to...
  20. Neil Maley

    Carrying on about my carry-on!

    I hope Fed Ex works for you!