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    Inquiry on Alitalia's current situation

    The problem is that most of these policies have a 14 day wait — as in the operator has filed bankruptcy 14 days after the insurance was purchased. Alitalia is already in bankruptcy so this Is what Neil is referring to — here is one policy where the default and filing date of bankruptcy is...
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    AKA White House

    Some hotels give federal rate to employees even if not on federal business. The Aka White House hotel has a fairly strict cancellation policy whether one is on the government rate or not. That is their policy as it is more of an extended stay hotel more like apartments. The OP even after...
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    Marriott deleted all points without notification.

    Did the OP ever sign into the account prior to the expiration. How long ago did the points expire?
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    AKA White House

    What I find problematic about this request is that the OP got the email with proper cancellation info, forgot and then assumed it would be like every other rate but this place has a longer requirement And I find the entire idea of disputing the charge in this circumstance to be unethical and I...
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    AKA White House

    I do not see how you could dispute the charge when you admit that receiving an email with the correct info on cancellations. Why does the credit card need to be changed?
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    Finn Air seating problem

    I just posted the screenshot of the Finn Air code share policy re advance seats
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    Finn Air seating problem

    Airlines are not giving passengers in economy who buy a code share the option to buy or reserve a seat — only Finn air tickets for Finn air flights — unless one has a high one world status that may help. Unfortunately more and more airlines are doing this with code shares — not even giving the...
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    Elite Airlines flight 7Q71 Portland, Maine to Sarasota, Florida. 3 /11/2018

    Even in Europe with its consumer friendly EU 261’regulation a late arrival of less than 2 hours does not warrant compensation. How annoying about the bathroom door. I have seen people get stuck but always released without too much hassle Once the flight was late it was likely that baggage...
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    Inquiry on Alitalia's current situation

    What complicates matters is the result of the March election — new parties made strong showings — but no one really knows what the agenda will be. No one party won a ruling majority so it will be a coalition government — which may mean back room promises. And no one but the politicians know...
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    traveling with children, one with a disability, with Domestic Basic seats

    I did a random test booking for AA Philadelphia to Nassau on the AA website. One has to clearly accept the restrictions to book the basic economy flight, which are clearly stated — such as seats at check in only. The difference in price is $50 more for a normal economy round trip. I do not...
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    traveling with children, one with a disability, with Domestic Basic seats

    Basic economy assigns seats at check in— if that is the fare. Also note the restrictions on carry on luggage — only one carry on that fits under the seat in front of you — no access to overhead bins otherwise another fee is paid. One can pay for seat assignments.
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    Celebrity sold us a deal, now they want to take it back

    Wow; I am not a cruise person but find this very interesting, It does not seem to be the cruise equivalent of a mistake fare by an airline, or is it? I have no idea of what is a normal cruise price.
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    forced to buy a second ticket when bumped to standby

    Preprinted boarding passes are for passengers and not baggage. You could have left the baggage and all three try to make the flight. You missed by baggage cut of by 15 minutes. Similarly, if I fall asleep in the terminal and miss my boarding, and get to the gate late, it does not matter that...
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    where are my never expired onepass miles

    Consumer12, I am sorry but Continental has ceased to exist since 2012, when the last flight was taken. So their program ceased to exist, along with the no expire miles. I was a member of the onepass miles -- and because I keep all important emails about travel, I searched my emails and found...
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    Drury would have had you call them directly. I suspect it was one of those ads, or when a company pays to have the website first on the search. I have seen that, if I search for Delta airlines the first site can be reservations or something...
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    Stolen Money

    Tom I believe the UK has particular innkeeper laws on liability and limits. The problem is that a police reports is often needed in order for the hotel to contact their insurance policy for reimbursement. The police actually do take reports and are not terribly slow in responding. And if they...
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    Spirit Airlines charged my card $5,015.95

    I am sorry AlexisWarran when something like this happens the banks say can not help and may point to the vendor to cancel authorization to release funds and the vendor may not often will say that there is nothing they can do. Hopefully you will not be charged any fees by the bank. These...
  18. C


    I think the OP may be hearing impaired as a TDD phone number is mentioned. Those devices only submit in all capital letters, so that may be what the OP is used to.
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    Spirit Airlines charged my card $5,015.95

    Banks cannot dispute charges until they post. I had a glitch when making a charitable contribution and it went through twice. Credit card alerted me that it may be a duplicate charge.
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    Delta Ticket Name Correction Dilemma

    Peace of mind is worth the $195. She can always keep the past passports with the other name as a reminder. It is nice that Delta was willing to help. I hope the trip is wonderful.