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    Hilton shuts down Diamond account for bringing the attention to their Silent Devaluation

    There is freedom of speech, but not freedom from consequences of that speech, especially with a corporation as opposed to the government.
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    Moved from Missouri to Littleton Colorado staying at the TownePlace suites by marriott

    Set up a VPN. Easy to do. They are secure. Many people have no choice but to do work on the road in hotels.
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    A Bad Experience with VRBO#7xxxxx

    We live in Hawaii 6 mos of the year. Geckos are part of normal everyday life--they eat bugs inside the house. Roaches are also part of everyday life--we keep roach bait around all the time but they still show up.
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    $800 "recovery" fee from Nextcar

    This is a two panel damage. $1300 is a good price for a repair.
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    UNITED AIRLINES bought two seats, only one seat assignment

    Were any of your segments on Island Air? United used this airline to travel inter-island in Hawaii. Island Air is bankrupt and has ceased operations. Any flight segments on this airline no longer are serviced and Island Air has taken no responsibility to rebook.
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    Travelocity (Expedia) last minute Hotel overbooked - cancellation

    My point is very simple--you advised contacting Expedia when the OP had booked with Travelocity, without the above explanation. The average consumer is not aware of the fact that Expedia owns Travelocity.
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    Travelocity (Expedia) last minute Hotel overbooked - cancellation

    "I booked a trip on Sept 15th 2017 from Nov 4th to Nov 11th and paid Travelocity"
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    Pre-existing condition or cancel for any reason insurance?

    The vast majority of prescribed medications for common conditions such as HBP, diabetes, GI problems, thyroid problems etc. can be and are prescribed as 90 days supply with 3 refills for a year's supply. Pain medications and some other DEA limited medications can be given in limited amounts (and...
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    Ticketing Troubles

    Advising anti-anxiety meds for a 75 yr old is very bad advice from a medical perspective. The risk of adverse reactions, particularly falls on a cruise, could be catastrophic. This cruise could become very memorable for all the wrong reasons.
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    Claim by Amazon retailer that their listing was hacked and altered

    The question in this thread was not about the price of an item, whether it was $25, $250 or $2500, or postage for return etc. The question involved a vendor who advertised a package of two items, sent only one, and then claimed that his listing was altered or hacked by others. The vendor then...
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    Claim by Amazon retailer that their listing was hacked and altered

    Return. The item is available elsewhere for 2/3 the price of the "hacked" vendor
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    Claim by Amazon retailer that their listing was hacked and altered

    Here is the expected Amazon reply: Message From Executive Customer Relations Hello Albert C Weihl, I'm Ilene Dara of's Executive Customer Relations. Jeff Bezos received your email, and I'm responding on his behalf. Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us and making us...
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    Claim by Amazon retailer that their listing was hacked and altered

    I find this statement interesting; "I am not sure that is something we can successfully advocate. Amazon is going to have to care about that situation enough to change it." Amazon (495B) has a market cap that is 10-100+ times the market cap of Hertz (1.3B), United (21B) etc, but you feel this...
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    Claim by Amazon retailer that their listing was hacked and altered

    The issue with Amazon, per my original posting, is not to "make it right" for this purchased item, but the claim of the vendor that their Amazon listing was altered by third parties. Several other posters on this forum also claim this alteration happens to their Amazon listings. Amazon has been...
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    Claim by Amazon retailer that their listing was hacked and altered

    Amazon response thus far is to send an initial email on July 15 with no follow-up: Message From Customer Service Hello, I am sorry to hear about the problem you had with the XXX you ordered from this seller and seeing your communication with them, I can see that they are not quite helping. No...