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  1. technomage1

    Rude Customer Service/Refund Misinformation

    Sandrabess, As others noted, did AA cancel the ticket or did you? Typically, if they canceled they owe you a refund, but if you cancel they owe you nothing. How were you notified of the cancellation and the policy? Was it on the phone or via email? If it's the later, do you still have the...
  2. technomage1

    Cancelled vacation, can’t get refund so out nearly a grand!

    Will you be on orders for the enlistment into the reserves? If so, let Spirit know that. Typically companies will waive change fees for military on orders. They don't have to, mind, but it is worth a try.
  3. technomage1

    Traveling with toddler, forced to board last, forced to check only carry-on when there was an empty overhead bin.

    One suggestion I have for future travels is to pack a smaller bag filled with your valuables that can easily be pulled out if need me. I’ve used plastic grocery bags, reusable totes, etc. unfortunately none of us have guaranteed bin space anymore in economy class.
  4. technomage1

    traveling with children, one with a disability, with Domestic Basic seats

    Basic economy shouldn’t exist IMO, but on the trips I’ve booked via the airlines websites they make very clear what you’re not getting with the fare. Most times after the ala carte fees are added in it was cheaper to buy regular economy. As others have noted, call the airline but be prepared...
  5. technomage1

    Somebody answered a cell phone call on a flight - what is supposed to happen? According to mythbusters the reason they're banned isn't interference but rather using too many towers on the ground...
  6. technomage1

    Wrong size

    The measurements on the website look like typical measurements. I would suggest measuring your shirt and comparing the measurements with the websites. If it’s off, then take photos with the tape for proof, then re-engage with them,
  7. technomage1


    Vacation rentals
  8. technomage1

    Somebody answered a cell phone call on a flight - what is supposed to happen?

    Both, I think. I was told on a flight at the gate that we were to check that our phones were off (it was in the days where they needed to be off) because our pilot was getting interference and he couldn’t hear the tower.
  9. technomage1

    Missed Connection - JFK to DUB

    This. What they call a connection is ridiculous now.
  10. technomage1

    Airline reservation question

    AAA in my area offers online travel services for members. Might be worth looking into vs. driving somewhere, and they’re reputable. There are probably other agencies out there who offer similar services, too, that’s just who I know.
  11. technomage1


    Hondas website notes that in 2015 Honda was offering a new engine block or new engine to owners of the 2006 to 2009 Civic that experienced problems. They also extended the warranty to 10 years from the original date of purchase...
  12. technomage1

    Air Canada denied my boarding pass and says I was a "no show" after spending 2.5h at the counters

    This page tells you if you need an ETA to visit Canada or not. If you didn't then you have a case to present to the airlines. If you did, then it comes down to the time prior to the flight that you...
  13. technomage1

    Over my objection Target keeps sending me Surveys

    Depending on your email provider, you may be able to set up a rule to have the unwanted emails go straight to junk or trash. I hear you that it's annoying to get them, but this may be the least troublesome and quickest resolution.
  14. technomage1

    Support Animal Requirements

    Wouldn’t the service animal owner in the KTLA story have civil recourse? Anyway, California law says service dog fakers can get up to 6 months in jail and/or a $1k fine, so the police are wrong here.
  15. technomage1

    Unreasonable response from Lowe's so-called customer service team

    One alternative to keep in mind is putting the filters up for sale on ebay or a similar site. You may be able to recoup some of the cost of the filters that way vs. losing everything if Lowe's digs its heels in.