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    I Need Help to Sue FEDEX

    I'm in agreement that you should go up the chain of contacts with your complaint. use a little more detail than you have given us, but remain on point and do not ramble. Make sure you can point to the reciept notification for that notice you say you gave. (noting time of day and date of...
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    Need Advice Quickly on Rental Car Incident

    OMG Your son should not call Geico. His insurance should have nothing to do with the matter and they don't need to know about it at all. The only way they would need to be involved in any way is if the other person's insurance refuses to pay. By all means file the police report and immediately...
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    Car rental agencies

    An unpaved road means dirt. Pavement can generally be any surface put down to form the base you are to drive on. Concrete is considered a paved road even though it is not asphalt. Likewise, in my area we use ground up steelmaking byproducts mixed with a tar product to make the road. (called chip...
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    Car rental agencies

    Generally speaking off roading should be considered a non maintained road. If the road is maintained by the state or federal government, has a speed limit, etc then it should not be considered off roading just because the road may be gravel. Lots of townships in rural areas do not have smooth...
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    Be careful the next time you want to leave a negative review

    While I agree with the response to the review given, that is no way justifies the rudeness of the waiter, or at least how it was percieved. As far as the waiter having to cut up a lemon for each request, how the heck does the place stay in business? You cut up a lemon into wedges at the start of...
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    AA/CheapoAir Help

    As you've said you already emailed several people and one of them was the CEO, we really can't help anymore with the airline. We have lists of people and advise that you start at the bottom and work your way up the chain ONE AT A TIME, waiting an amount of time in between contacts. You are...
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    Time Warner as Spectrum is awful

    I had Time Warner and it switched to Spectrum and I have had nothing but complaints since January. Internet speed slows down all the time and in some cases it has gone to zero speed. It seems to have gotten better over the last few months but I'm still unhappy as it is not as good as it was a...
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    Lies?! Letter to/Response from American Airlines:

    I honestly cannot in any circumstance see how you would be told over and over from the actual flight crew that there were mechanical issues when there were none at all. The airline should not be able to hide behind "weather" simply because of some thunderstorms that happened to come through when...
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    Not My Debt At Ford Motor Company

    My suggestion would be to not come back and write things that can be potentially used against someone once an attorney does get involved for mgme. Best advice an attorney gives is to shut your mouth.
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    This is about a claim that I am trying to collect from AXA Insurance.

    Charlotte, what we are asking you is for the story on what is going on. A simple explanation of "they asked for more documents and I sent them" helps us in no way at all. We are looking for the story of what happened, why you needed to use insurance, did you call, email, when things happened...
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    Not My Debt At Ford Motor Company

    Can you tell us what you expect from us? I can tell you that to the person, everyone here will recommend that you seek legal council. This isn't about $500 for a rental car, it is about $22k from a debt that a company with VERY deep pockets claims you own. Your attorney may be able to file...
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    Take the time to leave reviews, good or bad

    Exactly. I'm amazed at the number of 1 star reviews I see on amazon from people who bought the wrong product or assumed it came with something extra that was not in the description nor shown in the photos. I always take a moment to click that it was not helpful. When a bunch of people do that...
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    Enterprise and hail damage

    If it was "fixed" in three days then they just had a company come out and pop a few small dents which in no way would have cost a thousand bucks. However, if there really was hail damage then it is likely the repair company would have been swamped and as said above, it wouldn't have gotten fixed...
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    News: Delta Removes Family From Flight/Threatens Jail

    You have to read down to the end as to why this all happened. They assumed that they could just let their child sit in a seat that they didn't really purchase for him. they violated their contract with the airline and were removed. And yes, if you tresspass after being told you cannot be here...
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    Bad HVAC Company

    Abingaman, You need to gather all your paperwork and correspondence and make detailed notes of what happened and on what date. Your responses here seem to jump all over the place and say things without saying things, if that makes sense. Instead of writing paragraphs with run on sentences use...