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  1. JVillegirl541

    Cheapo says not to worry that my ticket doesn’t match my passport.

    A very serious matter! Woman kept off WOW flight for not having middle name on boarding pass
  2. JVillegirl541

    UBER Discrimation and Corruption in Zurich, Switzerland Greenhub

    So you are or were an Uber driver? I read you message and thought you were an Uber customer. Please clarify and you may want to adjust your narrative to reflect that.
  3. JVillegirl541

    Help....TUI are refusing to pay

    I guess in trying to read the story I completely missed that The Travel insurance claim had been declined :( I’ll go back and try again but honestly if the people here who actually want to help you have trouble reading your story due to the length and unnecessary additional info..... imagine an...
  4. JVillegirl541

    Hotel charging us for incidentals with no notice or proof.

    There is a 60 day rule regarding Disputed transactions. Your claim MUST be in writing (they can email the form to you) and you Must follow the exact dispute process in order for a valid Dispute. What they tell you on the photo be does not count nor does it protect your dispute rights. Only a...
  5. JVillegirl541

    Discounted airfare for repeat traveler to visit paralyzed husband during rehab?

    Check Alligent and Southwest for fares that are reasonable. But Discounts I doubt you will find any airline will be inclined.
  6. JVillegirl541

    Denied embarkation

    Pretty sure this is a Caribbean cruise. Just a guess as the info was incomplete.
  7. JVillegirl541

    Denied embarkation

    The Cruise Line will refund the Taxes seperately. This will be a refund to the credit card used to purchase the cruise. This refund will take several days.
  8. JVillegirl541

    Hotel charging us for incidentals with no notice or proof.

    If you do not file the dispute in writing you have not protected your rights to Dispute the charge. Speaking on the phone will NOT protect your rights.
  9. JVillegirl541

    Hotel charging us for incidentals with no notice or proof.

    You MUST I repeat MUST file your dispute in writing. They have to handle it according to the MasterCard rules when you do that. Talking on the phone also does NOT apply. You may also consider filing a police report. Also finding who the Ownership of the Hotel vs Onsite manager who does not...
  10. JVillegirl541

    Hotel charging us for incidentals with no notice or proof.

    Your bank will be able to tell you if this was run as a Debit or credit. If it’s run as a credit, Visa requires your bank to follow your heir dispute process.
  11. JVillegirl541

    Hotel charging us for incidentals with no notice or proof.

    Did you tell the bank this charge is Fraudulent? To file an official Dispute you must follow the banks rules IN Writing. Calling the bank does NOT qualify. If your Debit Card has a Visa or MasterCard symbol on it you still have protections. Please ask you bank how to file a WRITTEN formal...
  12. JVillegirl541

    No First Name on Passport

    Good luck and safe journey!
  13. JVillegirl541

    Angry father

    Spent the morning reading the awful reviews of this property. Oh Yuk is all I can say! The very small handful of good reviews are for the most part highly suspect. The bad reviews all are unanimous voicing gross situations similar to yours. This is a Management issue to let housekeeping create...
  14. JVillegirl541

    Angry father

    Gross!!!!!!!!! OMG, this is one of those stories I hope Chris grabs and splashes across USA Today or WSJ.
  15. JVillegirl541

    Recently married; honeymoon ticket in maiden name, passport in married name

    Even Expedia can NOT fix this without buying you a new ticket. Which means they will have to pass every bit of the expense onto you. While you May get a credit for the old ticket until Expedia gets the credit from the airlines (possibly weeks) they can’t pass that into you to use until they...