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  1. jsn55

    Priceline Bait and Switch

    This is the issue when you don't book direct. Priceline is an ultra-discount website and not a good choice for a rental car., or anything at all. I wish I had some advice, but you are getting what you paid for. I hope it works out.
  2. jsn55

    TAP Portuguese Airlines

    Well, you're right, they should refund, Compose a concise, polite email and ask customer service for the refund. Freely admit that you made a mistake in not reading all their fine print ... time to grit your teeth, but we find that admitting you made a mistake works best. You are asking them...
  3. jsn55

    Camino de Santiago

    That's correct. I used the full name at the beginning of my post.
  4. jsn55

    Cancelled vacation, can’t get refund so out nearly a grand!

    I am hoping that Techno's advice makes a difference here, Brent. I am so sorry this happened and extremely sorry that you booked on Spirit. But the good news is that you did not use an online booking service, so you have a chance. Compose a concise, polite email to Spirit and ask for a credit...
  5. jsn55

    Chase Credit Card - Dispute Department versus Fraud Department

    When it comes to trouble you can get into with credit cards, this one ranks as one of the most interesting threads.
  6. jsn55

    Chase Credit Card - Dispute Department versus Fraud Department

    I absolutely know what you are talking about, Christopher, with Chase. Their CC biz is growing so fast that the hind legs are overtaking the forelegs in some cases. I love my Chase cards for their perks, and their CS is generally wonderful. But I got into a round-robin with them a few years...
  7. jsn55

    Upcharge for aisle seats

    This must have been really frustrating, Jim. I'm not clear on why you didn't chose your seats at the time of booking. As my colleagues have outlined, AA charged you a huge amount of money for your trip ... because they can. The money-grubbing going on in the travel biz these days will not...
  8. jsn55

    Home insurance-why can't I have a 'stick built home" to replace a manufactured home?

    Your first contact should be your insurance company; forgive me if you've already talked to them and are still not sure of your coverage; I'm not sure. I agree with my colleague, in the face of a total loss, they'll pay out whatever and you can do whatever with that money. If you have already...
  9. jsn55

    BA handbaggage blackmail

    Your bag(s) was gate-checked for a reason. What did they tell you about why your bag couldn't accompany you on the plane?
  10. jsn55

    Norwegian Air issues with re-booking change

    I am reading that she did call and they would fix it for another fee. Hence, this letter to us.
  11. jsn55

    GE Microwave/Oven Unit Destroyed by Self-Cleaning Cycle

    Assuming that this was the first time you used the self-cleaning cycle, our Company Contacts are exactly where you want to go next, Rachel. Submit to the first exec, wait a week, and if no answer or you don't like what you hear, work your way up the ladder. While the unit is out of warranty...
  12. jsn55

    Air France Strike

    I would make other plans right now, as my colleagues suggest. I'm in Germany and we've heard that Lufthansa & KLM are going out as well. It would be awful to mess up your tour and you just can't count on everything coming back to normal overnight when the strike is over.
  13. jsn55

    Camino de Santiago

    TripAdvisor can be a little gnarly to navigate, Diane, so please come back to us if you can't find the correct forum. TA's made many changes over the last year or so, few of them are beneficial for the user.
  14. jsn55

    Travelocity Airticket names correction.

    Your case would be far better presented as a narrative rather than a succession of pasted in emails. Few people are able to wade through this kind of thing. I would suggest you make a polite, concise request to Travelocity's customer service. Wait a week, if you get no answer or don't like...
  15. jsn55

    Discounted airfare for repeat traveler to visit paralyzed husband during rehab?

    This is wonderful, Erika ... your friend has a treasure in your friendship. Good luck to you all and I hope he's on the road to recovery.