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Recent content by johnbaker

  1. J

    rebook or refund

    @Gail Hart if they are going to stick you with the ticket, I would just wait. I can almost guarantee that the itinerary will probably change enough before May to qualify for it to be cancelled for a refund. Airlines seem to think their schedules are suggestions....
  2. J

    iphone6s unexpected battery shutdown and battery replacement

    @CYNDEE As you stated, the phone was out of warranty. The offer was for them to replace the battery for free or refund work they had performed. Considering that a non-apple repair may violate the terms of use for your phone (there's a debate on this), the cost of an Apple replacement is only $79...
  3. J

    News article: Delta cracking down on ESAs

    That's a lawsuit waiting to happen... Guess DL is willing to take the risk
  4. J

    Eligible for refund or credit? Or, at the very least the opportunity to speak with a representative?

    @rena I think your challenge is going to be that everything else was still available and they refunded the extra fee involved with the dive. First, the other couple needs to do the talking not you. The hotel is only going to deal with them. Second, they need to figure out what they are willing...
  5. J

    AT&T Next trade in fiasco

    @Amyk I'd return it again... keep in mind if you cancel, you'll probably have cancellation fee and still be on the hook for any unpaid balances on the phones. In all probability, you're not going to make enough selling your phones to pay off AT&T and buy new ones for the next provider.
  6. J

    Missed connection on United, What recourse do I have

    @nathan farkas ATC delays fall into the same realm as weather delays. They are outside the airlines control and their only requirement is to place you on the next available flight. You might ask for something ($200 voucher ... miles) but understand they are under no requirement to do so and...
  7. J


    @lupus They're going to mail you one as part of a bulk mailing. You no longer work for them so they have no reason to take the time or expense in mailing it to you individually. Emailing you one entails a lot of security (and therefore, expense), if they're doing it right, to protect your...
  8. J

    When is enough, enough?

    @Heather Ellis Boyd Use the Company Contacts menu above to escalate your issue to the next exec. Having said that, crew issues, including the lack of a crew, happen a lot when weather issues happen. Most often its a cascading failure where they use one crew to cover a delayed crew or they end...
  9. J

    Refund requested

    @Gerry Tucker DL has a policy that they'll refund a ticket if there's a significant schedule change. The policy will also show on the website if you look in your record. Call customer service and request a refund for the ticket. Should be easy.
  10. J

    Global Entry Program

    @Babs make sure your trusted traveller number is in your profile and attached to any reservation you have (enter it in the secure flight data area). Most of the time, it will guarantee TSA Precheck which tends to move faster. If the number isn’t there, you won’t get it.
  11. J

    Assault and Battery on Etihad Airways flight EY 102 on December 13 2017, .

    @Syed Faiyaz Hussain Two things.. 1. You can ask but I've never seen an airline refund a trip based on the actions of a third party. I'd be ready to accept some miles or vouchers less than what you paid. Mainly, they're looking to make up for their staff no following through and that probably...
  12. J

    Assault and Battery on Etihad Airways flight EY 102 on December 13 2017, .

    @Syed Faiyaz Hussain Since you were assaulted by a passenger and not an employee, what resolution would you like? Did you make the report to police when you landed?
  13. J

    When is enough, enough?

    @Heather Ellis Boyd it was a weather event that ended up targeting at least one and, for some, two major hubs for the airlines. When major a hubs are hit, the airline's entire system is negative impacted for days. With most airlines flying with high load factors, it takes them days to recover...
  14. J

    Cabin Crew Timeout

    FYI ... DL is one of the least unionized companies in the airline industry. The cabin crew is not unionized. As far as "they could have flown if they wanted to," there's a lot of maybes in there. They could have timed out by FAA standards or DL standards. Either way, they timed out. FAA rules...
  15. J

    British Airways LHR Disaster

    @Jo V. here's the link to the BA web page... https://www.britishairways.com/en-us/information/delayed-or-cancelled-flights/compensation