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  1. J

    No credit for canceled cruise

    @Charles Lukas Did you have trip insurance for the second cruise? Normally, cruise lines won't refund anything if the ship was able to sail and the port was open.
  2. J

    Priceline Bait and Switch

    See ... I disagree. I would agree with everyone else if he showed up and didn't get a Cadillac XTS. The difference is that they are advertising a vehicle that isn't even in the class of car they are selling. There's no chance that he would ever be assigned that vehicle which takes it into the...
  3. J

    Priceline Bait and Switch

    @pjpaul Do you have a copy of your confirmation? Does it specifically say Cadillac XTS or equivalent?
  4. J

    Connection that we can’t make

    @Sue C Try something like... As a result of your schedule change, the options given to us do not work for our travel. Can you just terminate our trip in Newark and we will make our own way home at our expense. Might work but I wouldn't hold my breath. I'd take the IAD option. Do yourself a...
  5. J

    How can I get a refund for a cruise in 9 days

    @Lesliehyde Quick question... Norovirus is normally a short stomach bug (24, 48, 72 hours). You should be healthy and symptom free when you sail. Why would you have to cancel?
  6. J

    Very shot connection time

    @Larry Levin ... Short answer is that based on everything I can find the MCT (minimum connection time) as SEA is 40 min which makes your itinerary barely legal. Its probably why you got such a great deal. No one else wanted that connection. Couple of options now 1. Depending on the amount of...
  7. J

    I lost my physical driver's license. Can I still rent my Hertz car in Maui?

    @Ltlizard My state doesn't do the online duplicate but it does do same hour walk ups (ie you go in and get a new picture, pay your money and you're done). Does Mass do that so you can avoid all the potential issues on not having a valid picture id.
  8. J

    3 trips, 1 insurance policy-is that possible?

    @Tracy T. My suggestion would be to call a travel insurance company. Depending on how much time you're home between trips, they may consider it as one.... or may not
  9. J

    Flight cancelled, involuntary downgrade

    @AnnM If I'm writing the email, I want cash for the downgrade (they didn't deliver what you paid for) and either miles or a voucher (what works best for you) for the rest.
  10. J

    Flight cancelled, involuntary downgrade

    Unfortunately, when weather systems hit or are predicted to hit major hubs, the airline networks get thrown into chaos. One year a system hit just as my family was getting ready to return from Miami. Next available flight was a week away and I have status with the airline. Just too many people...
  11. J

    need earlier flight

    @tennislady I fly through EWR a lot. I did some digging and I'm guessing you're going to Madrid (1 hr 19 min between flights). Here's the good news. Your flight from MCO is a 737 which means your flight arrives in Term C. From any term C gate you should be able to make it to any other term C...
  12. J

    Where to keep passport when traveling

    @mmb I think its $30 when you renew your passport. $6 a year insurance policy for me...
  13. J

    Where to keep passport when traveling

    Personally, I keep a copy of my passport in my suitcase. My wife has a scanned copy at home. The book stays in my room safe and my passport card is in my wallet. The passport card has everything on it for the embassy to issue an emergency passport.
  14. J

    American Queen Steamboat

    @Expipemjr Did you use the card anywhere else is the 12 months prior to the breach? If so, it’s really hard to prove where the breach occurred. It could have been a prior vacation. Why would cc fraud cause you to cancel anyway?
  15. J

    couldn't change flight despite Flexibility option

    @SuzyQue ... dumb question... you said you booked a package. What else is in the package? Anything other than the flights?