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  1. Carol Phillips

    Sister's Death

    I'm very happy that Chase Sapphire reimbursed you for the unused four days of the cruise. And please accept my sincere sympathy on the loss of your sister.
  2. Carol Phillips

    Denied embarkation

    I'm so sorry you did not get to sail as planned. And that the traffic was heavier than you anticipated. Are you saying that you arrived at the port 8 minutes after the printed SAILING time? Or 8 minutes after your pre-scheduled ARRIVAL APPOINTMENT time? When you do your online checkin before...
  3. Carol Phillips

    American Queen Steamboat

    In post #1 the OP mentioned his travel agent (buried but it's there.) I would tell the agent to be strong with both suppliers and get their district sales managers involved. Besides trying to help agencies increase sales, DSMs also protect their product's reputation. This is an ideal time for...
  4. Carol Phillips

    comcast household debt

    @seanpinson - Could you please clarify a couple of things: - Is Comcast saying YOU have an old unpaid bill in YOUR name from a previous address? - Or, are they saying that your new residence address has an old unpaid bill from whoever lived there before? - I am confused about where "household...
  5. Carol Phillips

    Voluntary Bumping on Delta

    @Joshdent - Congratulations on a winning solution from Delta. They were indeed excellent to work with in this case. I'd like to venture, however, that your polite and businesslike approach probably had a LOT to do with the success of this situation. So I think congratulations are in order...
  6. Carol Phillips

    I trusted the process...and it worked!

    I am so happy that your persistence paid off! And that HP eventually made it right. It's a shame you and your family had to go through all that, though.... Thanks for letting us know.
  7. Carol Phillips

    traveling with children, one with a disability, with Domestic Basic seats

    Absolutely true. Pre-boarding has nothing to do with their seat assignments, or lack thereof. I was just replying to the OP when she said she had received "No promises about preboarding for my husband and son ... ".
  8. Carol Phillips

    traveling with children, one with a disability, with Domestic Basic seats

    I cannot add much to what my colleagues have said about Basic Economy and seat assignments. They're reasonably priced, but DO come with restrictions. Generally they're the least desirable seats on the flight and can be anywhere on the aircraft. I can suggest one thing about pre-boarding...
  9. Carol Phillips

    Celebrity sold us a deal, now they want to take it back

    Absolutely, @Neil . But: someone is responsible for the goof. Client made deposit in good faith. Now it's time to negotiate a fair settlement.
  10. Carol Phillips

    Celebrity sold us a deal, now they want to take it back

    RIght now an AquaClass cabin on a 7-nt Caribbean cruise sailing June 30 is about $1279pp with no freebies. Choosing two freebies ($150pp onboard credit, prepaid tips, beverage package) brings it to $1730pp. These are just website rates.....there can be better deals out that. So paying $600 pp...
  11. Carol Phillips

    Celebrity sold us a deal, now they want to take it back

    You are indeed being reasonable, and logical. I'd asked you whether it was ~$1200/cabin or per person, and then did the math. At ~$1200 for two, that's ~$600 per person. Adding the initial pricing of $385 drinks package, $105 tips and $150 onboard credit that's $640/pp value.... MORE...
  12. Carol Phillips

    Celebrity sold us a deal, now they want to take it back

    I'm glad Celebrity fessed up and acknowledged the error was on their end. And their negotiating with you is indicative of that. Just a couple of quick questions: Will AA continue to throw in the prepaid gratuities? Or is that something that Celebrity will now meet you in the middle about...
  13. Carol Phillips

    Refund from Carnival - Policies say "NO REFUNDS"

    Two quick questions for you, Gina: - Did you bring a valid US Passport with you? It was not mentioned in your letter. - Was the cruise ticket in your legal name or your AKA name? Thank you.......
  14. Carol Phillips


    I'll agree that my pretty basic luggage has lasted longer than some expensive "designer name" bags I've had. But my colleagues are right that you just cannot tell what will happen to a bag in transit. I've delivered a bag with a handle and four wheels to a major airline, and received a...
  15. Carol Phillips

    Should I pursue this complaint against Lowe's?

    Sounds like you're a loyal Lowes customer, and an honest consumer. I think all the comments above have validity. What I'd consider doing is waiting for the revised installation date. If all goes as expected, consider at that time whether you still feel a bit miffed. If all is well, you can...