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Christopher Elliott
  • AT&T is charging me $150 for an equipment but I never received anything. I didn't ask for any equipment, I don't need anything.
    I contacted them 3 times already by phone and by chat and was told not to worry, it will be cancelled but they keep on billing me. I didn't pay and I don't know how to stop this hassle. I am 86 and I am very disturbed by this annoyance. Please advise and help me.
    Ask ATT where the "new" equipment was sent or installed?
    Hello Elliott,
    I am trying to get 1100 dollars back from American Airline I bought two flights tickets for me and my son. I am waiting for some immigration's documents and I can't travel yet. The AA doesn't want to reimburse me. please help me.
    I just looked up something on TripAdvisor and again marveled how incredibly useful it is. It made me reflect .... I believe our forum has the potential to be HUGE in the travel biz. I'm really enjoying it and can see the day when you are more famous than you already are.
    Hi Chris, Recently I read your Huffpost regarding travel insurance. If was great but you didn't mention insider's club by uatp annual travel insurance coverage. What are our thoughts about them? Thanks!
    Trinity Lodge and booking.com agreed to cancelling in Aug, but would keep 1,277.68 or reinstated at a higher rate. T.L. cancelled again in Sept. but Booking.com said it was non-refundable (they agreed to the 1st cancellation and the higher rate). Either you can cancel/amend the reservation or you cannot.
    In error, I reserved a non-cancellable room at Trinity Lodge in Dublin and attempted to amend it within the hour. The answer was no! I feel used by the system. It seems wrong that I could be charged full price for a reservation made 2 months in advance and tried to amend within one hour after making it. To make the outcome more unpleasant was the tone Trinity Lodge used addressing me.
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