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New Profile Posts

  1. CATE
    My name and surnames appear inverted in my ticket, aeromexico refuses to correct it with my passport help.
    1. CATE
      They tell me that i can not approach
      May 19, 2017 at 9:51 AM
  2. honestpointofview
    honestpointofview AMA
    Good Morning, As i have only recently become a staff member I have only just seen your post re Liverpool/Manchester trip in November. Although not from either as I'm in the UK i do visit both from time to time.So if you need anything just tell. Regards John
  3. Telephone
    Macy's cashed my check on Jan 20, 2017, but was not appear on my statement.
  4. Ms. Cai
    Ms. Cai
    Source told due to the weather. No hotel provided by JetBlue. if you don't leave, security may ask U to leave, no allow to stay over night
  5. Ms. Cai
    Ms. Cai
    Bartender at ROC told us: "JetBlue in this airport been-known cancelled fly, local people knows. Next time you should take Buffalo airport."
  6. Ms. Cai
    Ms. Cai
    refunds you received for your flight. Please advice.
  7. Ms. Cai
    Ms. Cai
    As a courtesy, we are able to approve $77.60 in reimbursement for your rental car. This is the total cost of your car and gas minus the
  8. Ms. Cai
    Ms. Cai
    to take and drove instead. This refund is to help offset your additional transportation costs with getting to your final destination.
  9. Ms. Cai
    Ms. Cai
    Our records indicate that you were issued a total of $242.80 in refunds to your original form of payment for the flight you were unable
  10. Ms. Cai
    Ms. Cai
    JetBlue: Typically we are not able to provide any reimbursement for out of pocket expenses on these types of cancellations. please continue
  11. Ms. Cai
    Ms. Cai
    Experts, please advise or provide any suggestions on how to write the JetBlue executives for consideration of any further compensation.
  12. Ms. Cai
    Ms. Cai
    JetBlue cancelled fly from ROC to JFK on 3/26, we rent van, drove to JFK connection, it costed us $320.40. They won't reimbursement, advice
  13. Sandy O'rooney
    Sandy O'rooney
    Delta Air Lines gave me another year to book my flight.. I followed Patina's suggestions.
  14. GraceF
    Trophies Awarded to GraceF. Thank you.
  15. Julio Martinez
    Julio Martinez
    please help me have travel club contract terminated.
  16. Nat205
  17. Clint Pressley
    Clint Pressley Burt
    Burt...email me at cpressley36@gmail.com when you have a chance. Thanks.

  18. timetotravel
  19. Theodore Weihe
    Theodore Weihe
    I have a notice of a claim from Alamo Rental Car. It is claim number 1035621. I have notified by insurance company - USAA. Ted Weihe
  20. ZeldaCas
    Damage charge should be covered by insurance waiver.