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New Profile Posts

  1. dangtan291990
    dangtan291990 Gramof5
  2. dangtan291990
    dangtan291990 harmonyresid
  3. TracyB
    Hertz charging me for clutch damage! Help!
  4. MMRtravelbug
    Traveling to Middle East in April & May: Jordan and Iran via tours to each country. Jordan is week #1 and Iran is weeks #2 & 3.
    1. MMRtravelbug
      A friend and I are excited about visiting Jordan & Iran this spring, yet I'm concerned about the quick disparagements by the President-elect of the Middle East or either country. I've read how very hospitable Iranians can be and are eager to visit with Americans.
      Jan 17, 2017
  5. Rubbaitul Islam
    Rubbaitul Islam
    Need help to get refund due to medical condition from Just Fly- booking-032-312-302
    1. technomage1
      Please create a post in the forums if you would like our assistance. Thank you.
      Jan 20, 2017 at 5:01 AM
  6. Rubbaitul Islam
    Rubbaitul Islam
    Need help to get full refund from Just Fly
  7. Rubbaitul Islam
    Rubbaitul Islam
    Need Help to get my full refund of airlines ticket due to medical condition. Justfly-032-312-302, flight for Jan, 25th
  8. Rubbaitul Islam
    Rubbaitul Islam
    Need help to Cancel booking and get full refund due to Medical Condition- Just Fly Booking: 032-312-302 & Emirates Confirmation:L3MVD6
  9. John Krug
    John Krug Carol Mattingly
    Did you ever get your points back? WHo did you write? What did you say? Im in the same situation.
  10. Henryjose_
    Henryjose_ AnderGuzmanD
    Hola tambien soy e venezuela y tengo el mismo problema! dejame un contacto para poder comunicarnos. saludos
  11. Henryjose_
    Henryjose_ Carlos Becerra
    Hello! did you solve your problem? I'm having the same! and I'm from Venezuela too! can we get in contact? @CarlosBecerra
  12. Maria K. Telegdy
    Maria K. Telegdy MichelleLovesTraveling
    Thank you so much Michelle for helping me out with my HOTWIRE issue, just recently. I'm not a very patient person, especially when I know there is a solution and I'm being given the "run around". I have many plans for 2017 so let's hope everything will go according to plans. Thanks again and HAPPY TRAILS in 2017, wherever your dreams may take you !
    1. MichelleLovesTraveling
      Thank you, Maria. Happy New Year and happy and smooth travels for 2017!
      Dec 31, 2016
      Maria K. Telegdy likes this.
  13. cocloc
  14. sobredinero
    Enjoying the rest of 2016. Its been a rough one tough sigh
  15. annhien2011
  16. mcpax
    Travelling Dad trying to juggle work and life w/2 kids
  17. sas80
    This is just so darn much fun people!
  18. Bernard66
    Do unto others
  19. Mari-Jonn Sothoron
    Mari-Jonn Sothoron Kahhss
    YES, our YELP comment is posted & YELP has copy of SSR/Watson $25K bribe
    It starts like this: Cokie S, Kitty Hawk, NC 2/29/2016
    Disclose, Disclose, Disclose ! Agents are held to a Higher Standard to disclose material facts that may affect a homes value & cause a reasonable buyer to make a different decision about purchasing a home.
    Will take your advice, stop this forum, but continue our protest outside the
  20. Sanders
    I have sent 2 emails, to the first 2 people on the list, on Nov 5 and 16 and still haven't heard anything. Do I close my file?