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New Profile Posts

  1. eric101
    eric101 Joe Farrell
    Hi Dear Sir, Greetings...
  2. mmb
    ...waiting for Irma....
  3. Diana KA
    Diana KA
    Stayed at Quality Inn San Simeon because of ads for full breakfast. This Inn had a poor attempt at a continental brkfst. No response to ltrs
  4. technomage1
    technomage1 Donna Tracy
    Donna, if you have a consumer issue, navigate to the appropriate forum and sub forum and create a thread.
  5. Donna Tracy
    Donna Tracy
    I'm unsure what I'm supposed to do on this forum. Can someone help explain the process?
  6. Albina Curik
    Albina Curik
    I had to cancel my flight 9 days before my flight. I gave them all of my medical information and still have no answers. What should I do?
  7. Albina Curik
    Albina Curik
    Air Berlin is refusing to give me my money back. I had to cancel my flight on June 28, 2017 because of extreme high blood pressure.
  8. SharonR
    should I just let this go with SWA?
  9. Flora Rodriguez-Brown
    Flora Rodriguez-Brown
    Should I get compensation for missed connection due to weather delay and airplane maintenance. Delayed vacation in Costa Rica by one day.
    1. technomage1
      Flora, if you'd like our help please create a thread in the appropriate forum. Profile posts aren't monitored.
      Aug 10, 2017
  10. Sanders
    Update; They didn't have all the info that I asked for so they closed my case and I got a letter stating that. Thanks for your help
  11. Xtremetransdr
    Hoping to resolve my Facebook & Twitter Issues
  12. Janna Fisher
    Janna Fisher
    RCCL Platinum Experience ...
  13. Sanders
    7 months later and I still haven't heard anything and I just received a collection notice in the mail about this issue. What next?
  14. Barry Graham
    Barry Graham Lena01
    Welcome, did you have something that you wanted to ask in the forums?
  15. Travelfast71
    VRBO has taken over the rental from the owners, does not allow owners to see phone number/email from inquiry and inquirer same
  16. richardmlldk
    Richard Malcolm
  17. Jannaheimirsson
  18. Sergey
    thanks in advance for your support...
  19. Georgia
    Airbnb refusing to honor gift card
  20. joycexyz
    joycexyz mmb
    I read your post about passport covers, and yours sounded good. Who is the manufacturer?